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October 3, 2023

Find your color

The Color of Diamonds

Color is vibration, and vibration makes waves

Take this opportunity to leave a lasting impression when you catch the light with your radiant and unexpected glint of color. You are strong, powerful, rare, valuable and beautiful, just like a shining diamond. It is time to express yourself freely and expose your gems, both literally and figuratively.

What is color?

Color is often taken for granted, like the air we breathe and the water we drink, but color is light. Without light there is no color and colors are expressions of dancing light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Yes, you read that right, it’s magnetic and it dances. Color influences our mood and colors make us feel. Waves of light can make us feel warm, calm, passionate, thoughtful, connected to nature, excited or sad. Combining the purity of diamonds and the color of the rainbow – what a way to express the extraordinary. Ifat Oved designs these exquisite pieces of master-crafted jewelry with the power of women in mind. These creations are dedicated to the enhancement of a woman’s beauty, with a deep understanding of the mysteries of feminine energy.

Colorful gypsy hoop earrings

Colorful gypsy hoop earrings

Product Number: RME096

This bold and daring gypsy adventure is created with 0.88ct mixed stones, set with 0.2ct white diamonds in warm, 14KR rose gold.

With its brilliant round shape, it evokes images of gypsies dancing around a bonfire, music floating through the untamed flames of wild nights filled with magical colors. This striking pair of colorful earrings is for the courageous at heart. A fearless masterpiece for the most playful women who are not afraid to stand out.

Mixed Gemstone Ring

Mixed Gemstone Ring

Product Number: RMR110

A pear-shaped fusion of colorful gemstones equal to 6.97ct set in 14KR fine metal.

Here is a ring that has a lot to say and knows how to express the complexity of a woman’s being. Just as women are able to be everything at once, this ring has it all. Red tourmaline for passion, green emerald for healing and renewal, and blue aquamarine for tranquility. This ring gives you permission to be spontaneous, impulsive, and allows you to change your mind without a moment’s notice. Enjoy this dazzling creation from Ifat Oved’s quest for perfection.

Mixed Gemstone Eternity Ring

Mixed Gemstone Eternity Ring

Product Number: RMR127

A colorful ring symbolizing infinity with its 8.24ct gemstones and 14KR fine metal, rose gold eternal line.

This is an exquisite way to express significant milestones in a meaningful and luxurious way. For an everlasting love, this spectacular ring says ‘I am serious about you and you are my forever’. With pear-shaped colored gemstones this ring is simply incredibly beautiful. A ring reminiscent of a perfect, complete rainbow. A perfect circle of life.

Heart Shape Pink Sapphire Necklace

Heart Shape Pink Sapphire Necklace

Product Number: RMN215

Delicate pink sapphire hearts perfectly linked to a 14KR fine metal chain.

This fragile pink masterpiece evokes feelings of vulnerability. A gentle creation for a delicate love. Pink is a sign of hope, comfort and joyfulness. This soft color also symbolizes femininity and kindness. Your inner secrets are captured in this dreamy expression, so keep them close to your heart with this fine, pale rose necklace.

Ifat Oved is the founder and designer of these masterful creations, and as a mother of five and a working professional, she is an inspiration to women everywhere. Her commitment to perfection is reflected in her work and only supreme quality materials are used to create these extraordinary pieces.

With this beautiful range of mystical colors you can spice up your look and express any mood that takes your fancy. Here is a quick guide to match your mood of the moment to your color:

Blue Aquamarine – serenity, calmness, tranquility, coolness, weightlessness,

Red Tourmaline – passion, protection, wealth, richness, energetic and wild.

Green Emerald – new beginnings, clear thoughts, balance, harmony and health.

Purple Amethyst – royal, spiritual, anti-anxiety and stress, strength, power and courage.

Pink Sapphire – love, truth, feminine power, fragility, compassion and intuition.

So, go with your instinct, choose your color and dress up in style for the next occasion. Feel free to be who you are. Own your mood with colorful gems.

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