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My fingerprint is on every piece of jewelry.
With every design I think about who
will wear it, about love, joy, and family.
Every piece moves me deeply.

 - Ifat Oved

Our story would not be complete without the woman who founded Ifat Oved. 

Ifat Oved's lifelong relationship with gemstone jewelry began in her childhood. Growing up in the gemstone industry from a young age developed a great passion that has lasted until this day. After working alongside her father, Albert Mashiach, a pioneer in the gemstone industry, Ifat gained extensive knowledge and expertise regarding gemstone jewelry. 

At the height of her career, Ifat decided to pursue her heart and lifelong dream of creating her own jewelry brand, and so Ifat Oved was born. Over the years we successfully opened stores in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and in Ifat´s home country in Tel Aviv.

Ifat Oved was founded  from the desire to empower women to express their authenticity through exquisite gemstone jewelry. 

Every piece of jewelry is personally designed by Ifat with the vision in mind that jewelry should not only be beautiful, but also reflect the wearer's values and character. The result is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that can be cherished for generations to come, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by our skilled goldsmiths. When choosing Ifat Oved, you are not just wearing exquisite quality and designs, but over 40 years of experience.  

We are also committed to responsible sourcing and eco-friendly manufacturing practices, to respect and preserve the planet and all it provides.

Ifat Oved is more than a jewelry brand. 

We are a reflection of the woman who created it, and the women who wear our jewelry. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman, and look forward to helping you express your own beauty and authenticity with the help of our jewelry. 

To help you find the jewelry piece that sparks your fire, we provide the highest level of customer service and consultation. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with your jewelry, long after the purchase!

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