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February 16, 2022

The Magnificent Blue Diamond

By lfat Oved

The past has shown us that people value sparkling gems. Mystical stories are told about them and many have rumors of divine properties. Of these sparkling gems, one of the rarest is the blue diamonds.Of all the diamonds throughout history, blue diamonds are the second rarest diamonds found today and are some of the most famous.

Natural blue diamonds are so rare that even most passionate diamond jewelers ever see one, let alone own one. Their unique looks place them well above most gems of this color and make them more desirable to jewelers, owners and wearers. One myth that surrounds this valuable diamond is that any wearer will be granted divine grace.

Where Blue Diamonds are Mined

Blue diamonds are mined in a few locations such as South Africa, India and parts of Australia. The electrical properties of these rare diamonds also make them unique. According to experts, the electrical properties are semi conductive because of the boron atoms that are only found in the blue diamond.

Characteristics of the Blue Color

Blue diamonds are graded the same way as other fancy colored diamonds, but their rarity places them as the second rarest color after red makes which make them highly unique. Blue diamonds come in various color tones and saturation like other fancy color diamonds and also with secondary colors such as green and grey.


Famous Blue Diamonds

The most famous blue diamond is the Hope Diamond. According to legend, it has survived theft, revolutions, wars, redesign, curses and family arguments for more

450 years. This diamond has been blamed for the downfall of Louis XVI and his mistress, Marie Antoinette. The diamond legend tells of how it was stolen from one of the eyes of the sculpture of Sita, a Hindu goddess.

After being stolen, the Hindu priests placed a curse on the Hope Diamond. However, the earliest record of the Hope Diamond is from 1812. The diamond currently rests in the Smithsonian on display for all to see. The Hope Diamond is said to be 45.52 carats and is considered the largest diamond of deep blue color.

One of the more recent famous blue diamonds is the Heart of Eternity. It was unveiled to the world in 2000, along with 10 other blue diamonds. This heart-shaped blue diamond has no curses or unusual rumors surrounding it, but what makes it so famous is its size, which is determined to be 27.64 carats.

Blue Diamonds on Auctions

Blue diamonds are taking their place as very hot items these days on major auctions. Besides being a rare collectors item, it also part of the recent trend of investing diamonds. We can see that based on the recent auction results where blue diamonds are making headlines. Here are two very recent diamonds that were sold in auctions:

Just a few days ago in April 24, Bonhams London auctioned off a 5.30-carat blue diamond. It was fancy deep blue and sold for $9.5 million.

Another 3.04-carat blue diamond sold for a little over $2 million on April 8th by Sotheby’s. These are two of the most recent auctions and show how coveted the blue diamond really is