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February 22, 2023

The Story of a Jewel

We sat down with Ifat, the founder of "Ifat Oved" to learn about the process of creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. What we discovered was truly special.

To an outsider, the process of making jewelry may seem practical or even calculated: Raw stones are sourced from the ground, cut into basic shapes, carefully inspected for defects, and polished to achieve a smooth, shiny finish. However, there is much more to the process than meets the eye, as it involves both the mind and the heart.

"There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing a woman wear the jewelry that I designed for weeks or even months, knowing that the result makes her feel amazing," Ifat explained with a spark in her eyes.

She oversees every step of the process in her business, starting with the creative idea. She uses her imagination to sketch out her own designs, which can be either manual or computerized and makes design decisions that impact the final appearance of the jewelry.

"Each piece of jewelry comes from the heart and soul. Sometimes it is inspired by people and places in my past, while other times it is entirely from my imagination and takes shape along the way. Each piece of jewelry is made in a personal way, designed in a unique handmade style, and helps women express themselves."

Only after we collect the stones from the ground and see their natural forms, can we understand what can be produced from the raw materials," Ifat emphasized. In her eyes, it is crucial to respect nature and preserve the authenticity of the stones as much as possible since they were originally taken from the earth.

Today, the "Ifat Oved'' brand is spread across multiple countries in the world, offering quality jewelry with an unwavering commitment to warmth and a strong passion for aesthetics and beauty. The company's product line includes various gemstones, but Ifat’s personal favorite is the emerald stone. "When I enter a room with the various gemstones, the emerald stone attracts both the eye and the heart. The green color of the emerald is simply magnetic and mesmerizing to me."

The "Mashiah Collection" named after her father, is centered around the magnificent emerald stone. The collection comprises a range of luxurious jewelry pieces, including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, with the emerald as the centerpiece gemstone. "Each piece of jewelry contains my heart and soul inside. But if there is one piece of jewelry that particularly excites me, it must be this ring," she points to a ring with a large pear shaped stone.

The story behind this pear shaped jewel is quite interesting. It sat with us for over 20 years after Ifat's father made and polished the stone. “I won't say that I thought about it every day, but every now and then, I would walk by and contemplate what to do with it. The stone was so large and impressive that one day it hit me - it would make an incredible ring! However, creating a piece of jewelry with such a weighty stone is not simple. I spent a long time designing a model that would satisfy me, one that would honor my father, respect the natural stone, and the earth.”

Amazing pear-shaped 15.62 ct Emerald with 5.15 ct diamonds set in white gold

Emerald Pear shape Ring: RMR223

“In the next piece of jewelry, I decided to use a smaller cabochon stone, but one that was still large and meaningful, and set it in a bed of emerald grass.” The jewelry features a central emerald stone surrounded by small fragments of emerald that complement it. “The design gives the impression of the stone emerging from the ground. In my opinion, the resulting piece of jewelry is extremely successful.”

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Emerald Pyramid Ring. Product Number: RMR193

Finally, Ifat took out a third piece of jewelry that really excites her, a choker necklace decorated with emerald stones in different cuts. At first glance, the necklace appears delicate yet impressive and catches the eye. "This is because the cuts of the emerald stones are of very high quality," she explains. "The pattern created as a result of the different emerald cuts that combine with each other in one chain creates a very special energy".

“At Ifat Oved, we specialize in working with natural stones that are mined in their raw state. Initially, the stones are cut into a basic shape using a sawing process. Next, we meticulously inspect each stone to identify any flaws, holes, or other irregularities. The stone is then carefully mounted on a pole and polished until it attains a smooth, shiny finish. While we are able to manipulate and process the stone, we prioritize respecting nature and preserving its inherent authenticity as closely as possible to its natural state when it was originally extracted from the earth.”

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Amazing pear-shaped 15.62 ct Emerald with 5.15 ct diamonds set in white gold

Mixed Emerald Choker. Product Number: RMN200

The passion for creating exceptional jewelry is present in every item of the “Mashiah Collection”. Each piece can be worn on its own or as part of a set that perfectly complements your current collection. Visit the website and choose a unique, self-expressive piece of jewelry designed.

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