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The Many Facets of Diamonds: A Tale Beyond Marriage, Romance, and Status.
The Many Facets of Diamonds: A Tale Beyond Marriage, Romance, and Status | Ifat Oved

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The Many Facets of Diamonds: A Tale Beyond Marriage, Romance, and Status.

April 18, 2023

The Many Facets of Diamonds: A Tale Beyond Marriage, Romance, and Status

By lfat Oved

Even those who have little knowledge of gemstones or jewelry know what a diamond is. In our day and age, the diamond is known as the symbol of eternal love and status, causing it to be the most popular choice for engagement rings.
The Diamond has been praised for its unmatched brilliance in many songs and movies in Hollywood, such as the iconic phrase said by Marilyn Monroe: ‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend’.But before the diamond became famous in Hollywood, it already had a rich and fascinating history going back to the 10th century, telling tales about the gemstone that go beyond marriage, romance, and status. How the diamond became the symbol of eternal love

Because of their durability and inviolability, diamonds were considered the perfect gemstone to represent unbreakable love. The tradition of giving diamond engagement rings can be traced back to a pivotal moment in 1286. The Priest Guillaume Durand wrote in his priest's manual that “the diamond is unbreakable and love unquenchable and stronger than death, so it suits to be worn on the ring finger, the vein of which comes directly from the heart.” This idea resonated, and so the diamond became a symbol of engagement that continued for centuries.

Gemstone from the Gods

Before the diamond became a symbol of love and status, it was known as the gemstone from the Gods. In the 10th century, before the West adopted the gemstone, diamonds were exclusively sourced in India for thousands of years before there were also mines discovered in other countries. The word ‘diamond’ comes from the Greeks, who named the stone ‘Adamas,’ meaning unbreakable or unalterable. Diamonds were used in their natural form, since the hardness of a diamond made it impossible to cut until the 15th century.
The shape of natural diamonds is that of an octahedron, which looks like two pyramid shapes joining at the base. Because of its surprising natural shape, the hardness, and the brilliance of a rough diamond, many believed that the only explanation for this gemstone was that it must be sent by the Gods. The Romans even believed that the diamonds were actual tears from the Gods. In most cultures, the diamond was kept as a talisman, believed to keep the owner safe and protected and to give them strength and power.

Surprising characteristics of diamonds

The most famous gemstone in history has many aspects that gave it the reputation that it has. But some aspects of the Diamond are lesser known. For example, diamonds are the only gemstones that are made from only one element, which is carbon. All other gemstones are composed of more than one element. This makes the diamond especially rare.

What also makes the diamond so magical is the fact that they are formed under extreme pressure more than 150 kilometers under the ground and will only come closer to the surface due to volcanic activity that pushes them up. Due to these extreme circumstances, the carbon molecules get pushed together so tightly that the molecules cannot move, which causes the hardness of the diamond. A diamond cannot be scratched unless it is with another diamond! This gives a true testament to its inviolability and makes the diamond perfectly suitable for long-lasting jewelry.

Cutting, Polishing, and Color

The hardness of the diamond also makes it extremely difficult to cut and polish.
The craft of cutting diamonds has only been developed since 1476 when Lodewyk Berken created a polishing wheel that allowed him to cut facets into diamonds with precision, causing the brilliance we all fell in love with. The difficulty of cutting and polishing the diamond in the shapes we know now adds to the high value of the gemstone.

Another aspect that is often overlooked is the color of diamonds. The diamonds that are mostly displayed and highly valued are colorless and clear diamonds. But many diamonds come in colors variating from yellow, which is more common, to the rare blue and pink diamonds. Diamonds also come in black and all the other colors of the rainbow. The rarest of them all is the red diamond, with only a few found worldwide. Even though most prefer clear diamonds, colored diamonds make for spectacular and unique jewelry as well.

Apart from the conventional jewelry pieces that diamonds are commonly associated with, there are numerous other options that truly showcase the diamond's mesmerizing beauty and brilliance. Below, we listed a few items that showcase the many aspects of diamonds.
At Ifat Oved, we believe that diamonds should not only be reserved as a symbol of marriage or status. We believe diamonds also represent the unbreakable strength, power, and divinity of women. Our diverse range of diamond jewelry, available in a rainbow of colors, is a tribute to the goddess-like qualities of women. Experience the magic of diamonds in a new light and adorn yourself with diamonds from the Gods!

Radiance & Color

This necklace is perfect for those who desire the qualities of a diamond but prefer to have more color in their jewelry. This piece has a stunning sunny hue and will radiate from far with its 28.01ct yellow diamonds set in yellow gold. The unique mixed shapes make this piece of jewelry a playful design while also embracing the elegance and attributes of the diamond.

Product Number: RMN102

Versatility & Uniqueness

Traditional Diamond jewelry has a distinct look, but the diamond is much more versatile. The different shapes in this design accentuate the diamond, surrounded by the flowing shapes of the white gold setting, making this the perfect bracelet to connect to the versatility of the diamond. A bracelet that connects you to the many facets of the diamonds, allowing you to express your uniqueness when wearing it.

Product Number: RMB099

Power & Inviolability

This piece embodies the diamonds' essence of power and endurance.
The baguette-cut Diamonds are placed in 18K Rose Fine Metal and defy the traditional use of diamonds. Wearing this bold and powerful ring will surely make a statement.
The hardness of the diamond makes this piece inviolable and allows you to wear these generous diamonds without worrying about damaging them. A unique diamond ring that will last a lifetime!

Product Number: RM1462